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LASIK in Phoenix, Arizona at Southwestern Eye Center
Serving LASIK Patients in Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Casa Grande and throughout Arizona

What is LASIK?

LASIK or Laser in-Situ Keratomileusis treats refractive errors by reshaping or flattening the curve of the corneal tissue beneath the surface of the cornea using the excimer laser. The excimer laser is able to create extremely accurate, intense pulses of light that produce very little heat and leave surrounding tissue untouched. By using a computer that precisely calculates the exact amount of cornea to be removed, LASIK uses the latest technology to correct a much wider range of refractive errors than PRK or RK.

The LASIK Procedure

The center of the cornea is flattened during the LASIK procedure to allow light rays to focus more directly on the retina, making images clearer. First, a thin layer of the cornea is lifted up and a "flap" is created as an automated microkeratome (an instrument that can make extremely thin and precise cuts) moves across the cornea. In less than 60 seconds, ultraviolet light and high-energy pulses from the excimer laser reshape the internal cornea with extreme accuracy. When the corneal flap is put back into place, the natural pressure in your eye holds it in place, so stitches are not necessary.

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LASIK Benefits

The actual surgery takes no longer than 15 minutes and the time it takes to heal from surgery is much shorter with LASIK than with PRK or RK. Most Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe and Scottsdale laser eye surgery patients and other Arizona patients notice improved vision within the first few days of the procedure. Other advantages include considerably less chance of developing corneal haze, minimal patient discomfort after the procedure, and stable vision within a few days following LASIK.

Possible Complications

A possible complication of LASIK, and of most types of eye surgery is infection, which is rare, but it can be treated with antibiotics. The other concern with this procedure is that the corneal cap can be lost, distorted or scarred which can impact the quality of your vision after surgery. At Southwestern Eye Center, we take special precautions to help prevent infections and use one of the most advanced microkeratomes to create the corneal flap.

Today Bladeless LASIK provides more precise vision than ever before.

Questions about LASIK?

Perhaps you are considering LASIK Surgery (also known as refractive surgery or laser vision correction).

If so, you may be wondering:

  • Am I a good candidate for LASIK Surgery?
  • How can I schedule it into my busy lifestyle?
  • Is laser vision correction affordable and can I comfortably fit it into my budget?
  • How do I choose the right Phoenix, AZ LASIK provider for my needs?

Our staff is comprised of highly talented Arizona and Phoenix LASIK surgery specialists that will give you a complete overview of all the information you need. Together, we will jointly determine if LASIK is the best option for you. Southwestern Eye Center is dedicated to bringing the latest in Custom LASIK to our patients in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Apache Junction and all of our rural locations throughout Arizona.

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In addition to their superb refractive surgery services, the Southwestern Eye Center is also a leading Arizona cataract surgery facility and has assisted in the removal of numerous damaged, cloudy lenses and replacement with premium intraocular lenses, such as ReZoom and ReSTOR.

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