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LASIK eye surgery has been used commercially for over 25 years, and has been proven to be safe for the majority.  While many people have considered getting LASIK eye surgery, but with busy schedules and the general need to continue working a job, the question often arises:  How long does LASIK surgery last, and how long does it take to fully recover?  The answer may come as a surprise, because, in fact, the procedure often takes less than 30 minutes to complete, at about 10 minutes per eye, plus any prep time.  You will be able to return to work the very same day if you wish, but it may be best to wait until the following day, as your eyes will feel dry and it is required that you keep them well lubricated.

What To Expect During LASIK Eye Surgery

A typical procedure begins by applying numbing eye drops to the eye in order to prevent any discomfort during the procedure.   Your doctor may give you some relaxing medication to help ease any stress that you may feel, but this is optional in most eye surgery scenarios.  Your eye will be positioned under the laser, and a lid spectrum is used to keep your eyes open.  The lid spectrum may be mildly uncomfortable, but it is likely that you will only experience a very mild pressure sensation due to the localized numbing of the eye drops used prior to the procedure.

What To Expect After LASIK Eye Surgery

After LASIK eye surgery, you will need to make sure your eyes stay well lubricated.  This can be accomplished naturally for some, but many will require eye drops throughout the day, but the dryness should alleviate itself within 48 hours or less.  After leaving the doctor’s office, you may want to wear sunglasses, as your eyes may be temporarily sensitive to the bright sunlight.
In some situations, there may be a need for additional eye treatment or to wear corrective lenses after LASIK eye surgery, since it does not typically correct the need for basic reading glasses. Annual eye exams are important after LASIK eye surgery, just to make sure that your eyes maintain their new and improved vision capabilities.

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