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Contact lenses can provide you with greater freedom than eyeglasses as you go about your day. However, they do require more maintenance than glasses, which only require a soft cloth to clean. Contacts must be handled with care, cleaned in a proper solution, and there are specific ways to insert and remove them. Here are some tips on proper contact care for both traditional and disposable lenses.

Tips for Putting in Contact Lenses

The first step to successful and pain-free contact lens insertion is to wash your hands with a mild hypoallergenic soap free of perfumes and moisturizers, which can leave residue behind on your contact lenses that irritate the eye and blur vision. Use a lint-free towel or cloth to dry your hands, or tufts could adhere to your lenses. Inspect your lenses for any damage or debris prior to insertion. It’s wise to clean your contact case and allow it to air dry.

Removing Contact Lenses

Follow the same hygienic procedures for insertion before removing your contacts. Remove one lens, situate it within your palm and add a few drops of your recommended cleaning solution gently rubbing it with a finger to clean away debris or buildup. Insert it into the proper side of your lens case filled with fresh solution. Even if you’re wearing multiple-day disposables, never mix old and new solution, and never use water to clean or rinse contacts.
Some Do’s and Don’ts of Contact Care

Always use the solution type and brand recommended by your eye doctor. All solutions are not created equal, and using the wrong type can damage your contacts.

  • Do use fresh cleaning and storage solution each day. Clean lenses daily, even if they are extended wear and safe to wear overnight.
    Most definitely manually rub the solution onto the contact to remove environmental debris.
  • Don’t substitute water for solution, which often contains minerals that will scratch lenses and irritate your eyes.
    If you have pets, don’t pet or bathe them immediately before inserting or removing contact lenses. You’ll feel the pain of that pet hair, which seems to attract to lenses like a magnet.
  • Don’t wear your contacts any longer than the instructions recommend to avoid pain and discomfort caused by ‘stretching’ your lenses.

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