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Contacts have been making blurry-eyed glasses wearers happy since making their mass-market debut in the early 90′s. With both the vanity aspect as well as the convenience aspect of not having to fuss with glasses, contacts have been a lifesaver in the optical world. But what contact-wearers might not be aware of is that wearing lenses long-term does have its effects on eye health.

Let’s go back to basics here. The contact covers the cornea of the eye, and because of this, it prevents the eye from getting the amount of oxygen required for maximum eye health. If you wear your contacts for too long, you are actually depriving your eyes from the oxygen that they need, which can be very damaging in the long run.

Subsequently, contacts can lead to a buildup of bacteria and protein, which can create a light film on the eye. If you are not cleaning your lenses properly, protein and bacteria are accumulating on the lens and creating this film on your eye. This can lead to eye infections such as Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC), which can be hard to treat and requires the discontinued use of contact lenses.

Other long-term effects of contact lenses can include: changes in thickness and shape of the cornea, formation of micro cysts, decreased corneal sensitivity, and even vision loss.

Southwestern Eye Center has the technology available to provide an alternative to contact lenses should you choose to seek a substitute to eyeglasses. Consult your eye doctor to determine if LASIK eye surgery is the best solution to your vision needs.