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The eyes are not only the windows to the soul. The eyes are also one of the most important organs in the body. People rely on their eyes each day to help them see the world and make sense of it. When someone has a problem with their eyes, the results can be painful and uncomfortable as well as making it hard for them to get things done. One of the most common eye problem are dry eyes. Patients may wonder why their eyes feel dry and itchy. Fortunately, many doctors today are fully aware of this condition and exactly how to treat it.

Tear Production

Dry Eye Disease is a serious medical condition that many people may experience at some point in their lives. Most people produce tears. Tears may seem merely to help convey emotions such as grief. However, tears also play a vital role in protecting the eyes. The production of tears helps protect the eye from infection as well as helping lubricate the eyes as people blink. In short, tears are necessary to help keep the eyes in good shape. When someone has Dry Eye Disease, their personal production of tears may be out of whack in some important way. They may produce too much tear fluid or too little, leading to all kinds of unpleasant symptoms.

Long Term Consequences

If left unchecked, Dry Eye Disease can quickly lead to serious eye problems. The lack of lubrication or the production of excess tears may cause vision problems both initially and long-term if not treated. When someone has eyes that are not properly lubricated, they may feel uncomfortable. They may also find it hard to see out of one or both eyes. This can make it nearly impossible for patients with Dry Eye Disease to read, drive or even see at all.

Treatment for This Condition

When a patient is not producing enough tears, they may have eyes that are vulnerable to infections. Dry Eye Disease may be caused by many conditions including menopause, as a side effect of specific medications such as birth control pills, not blinking enough over time or dangerous medical problems such as rheumatoid arthritis that become more common as people age. Many doctors can offer treatment options. A doctor will typically examine possible causes of this condition carefully and find out if a patient can stop medications. They can also prescribe artificial tears. Today doctors also look at the root causes when it comes to helping their patient beat this condition permanently.

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