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Brow lift and forehead lift surgeries are surgical procedures done to raise droopy eyebrows and smooth forehead wrinkles, often resulting in a decrease of excess eyelid skin and an opening of the eyes. Incisions are made either at the hairline, behind the hairline, in some cases, above the brow or in the mid-forehead. Excess skin and tissue are removed and fine sutures or staples are applied to close the incisions.

Brow lift patients commonly experience swelling and bruising in the 10 days following surgery. Some forehead lift patients also see bruising on the cheek and eye area. For most brow lift patients, the recovery time will not exceed two weeks, but patients may still be advised to avoid strenuous activities for longer periods. Forehead lift patients will be permitted to wash their hair shortly after the surgery.

Patients can schedule brow and forehead lift procedures at our locations throughout the Phoenix area, including Scottsdale and Mesa. Patients in Casa Grande and Cottonwood also have these treatments available to them. Call 480-616-0467 to speak to our capable scheduling team.

Patients who undergo brow lift surgery at Southwestern Eye Center may also consider other cosmetic procedures such as eyelid surgery or Botox injections.

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