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What happens during cataract surgery?

The cataract surgeons at Southwestern Eye Centers in Arizona and New Mexico utilize the latest advancement in cataract surgery.  Modern cataract surgery is performed through an incision less than an eighth of an inch long. A small instrument is inserted through this tiny incision and is used to break the cataract into many small pieces before its removal.

There are many advantages to a smaller incision, including faster recovery time, less need for glasses after surgery, and a smaller risk of infections after surgery. In addition, modern cataract surgery is performed without any stitches, or in rare cases with one stitch.


The cataract surgery process (phacoemulsification)

After the eye is numb, your cataract surgeon will place a small incision in your eye about 3mm wide. Modern day cataract surgery is referred to as micro-surgery because the incision sizes have become so small. Once the incision is made the surgeon will insert a probe to break up the cloudy cataract and then remove the material. A suction tube will remove all of the loose debris and the capsular bag is prepared for the artificial IOL implant. The folded IOL is then inserted into a tube and then unfolds once in place. Intraocular lenses will have haptics, or “lens arms”, to hold it in place. With the cataract removed and the IOL in place, light can once again travel unimpeded to the back of the eye and focus on the retina where the image is interpreted and transmitted to the brain. The end result is clear youthful vision.

Premium Lens Implants: What type of lens implants should you use for cataract surgery?

During cataract surgery, the cloudy lens of your eye is removed and replaced with a clear lens implant. As mentioned earlier you will need to discuss what type of lens implant that you want for determining your vision after surgery. Patients now have options regarding their lens implants. In addition to standard, monofocal lens implants, that provide vision at one distance only, there are premium lens implants that enable patients to see at near, far, and intermediate distances, and those that correct for astigmatism. Southwestern Eye Center, we offer a wide variety of lenses for you to choose from in order to ensure you achieve your desired visual outcomes.  Our doctors and surgery counselors will help you determine what lens implant type would be best for your vision.

After Cataract Surgery

Results can vary but most people have excellent results. Within the first day of cataract surgery it is very important not to rub or press on your eye. It is common that you will have some itching, tearing, and mild discomfort.

  1. It is normal to feel a little groggy from the local anesthesia after cataract surgery. The effects will wear off relatively quickly but do not be alarmed.
  2. Avoid bumping or touching your eye after cataract surgery. Wear eye patch as directed.
  3. You may see some initial glare and haloes after cataract surgery but this will go away over time.
  4. Your vision may be blurry right after the surgery, but it will clear up as you heal. After a week or two, blurred vision should nolonger be an issue.
  5. You will not be able to drive, so be sure to have transportation arranged and someone available to take care of you. Make sure you get all of your prescriptions filled before your surgery.
  6. Our practice will provide you with instructions for the prescription medications and all post-operative instructions.

Scheduling and starting the process for your cataract surgery

Southwestern Eye Center has locations throughout Arizona and two in New Mexico to make your cataract surgery experience convenient and easy! If you are seeking cataract surgery give us a call to discuss getting started. Most patients say that this is a life changing experience.

If you are seeking cataract surgery give us a call to discuss getting started. Most patients say that this is a life changing experience.

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Within two months I had the needed cataract surgeries and my vision is better than I’ve had in over 20 years.”

– Tracy A.

Cataract surgeries were performed there with no complications. Very pleased with this clinic.”

– Mary T.

“I recently was outsourced to this location from the VA due to the extreme backlog at the VA. I was extremely glad that I was referred here! They were extremely professional, service oriented, and easy to work with as a patient.”

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