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With almost everything being done online, so many people are using electronic devices such as computers on a daily basis. Millions of people are using computers either for work, school or entertainment. This means that one can be glued to the computer almost the entire day. So much time on a screen leads to strain on the eyes and this may result in serious eye problems if necessary steps are not taken.
There are various tips that one may use to reduce the effect that the screen has on eyes. Some of these include:

  • Using an anti-glare computer shade
  • Using artificial tears when using the computer or drops that rewet your eyes
  • Making sure that the computer is positioned in a way that light does not reflect to your eyes from the computer
  • Getting anti-reflective glaze on your lenses

The above tips can be really helpful for those using computers often. However, there are also exercises that one can use to prevent eye strains and they include:

1. Blinking

When focusing on the screen, it is hard to get your eyes off it even for a second. However, it is a good that you blink your eyes after every four seconds. This will make your eyes happy and lubricated as well as reduce scratchiness which is caused by dry eyes. This may look like a simple task, but it is quite hard to remember.

2. Rolling your eyes

This is an amazing technique since it makes you feel like you are massaging the eyes. After sitting and staring at your computer for hours, take a minute to roll your eyes. Close your eyes and roll them in a circular manner. This exercise also helps with lubricating the eyes.

3. Focusing on something different

While working, try to focus on something else for some time. This helps reduce focusing your eyes on the screen for too much time.

4. Glancing

While sitting, close your eyes for a moment and try to look up for a moment then look down. After this, open your eyes and look around. Next, try glancing right and left with your eyes closed. Do this repetitively for some minutes and it will help much.

5. Palming

Rub the palms together to generate heat. After that, press your hands on your eyes and let them warm the eyes for a while. To do this, make sure you are in a comfortable position.

If your problem persists, it is advisable that you seek medical attention. Southwestern Eye Center is one of the leading eye-care providers in Arizona and is best known for great customer care services as well as modern eye-care technology. Please feel free to contact them for any advice or schedule an appointment for your eye strain check-up.