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Although a majority of people wear sunglasses as a fashion statement, the right ones are a sure defense against UV (Ultraviolet) rays, which has been linked to eye damage that causes temporary vision loss. However, before choosing your desired glasses, it’s recommended you first contact a qualified eye doctor. Buying from your trusted eye specialist is not only the best option to find a right pair of glasses, but also offer you lower costs, good customer care, and specific prescription.

Here are a few considerations before you buy a pair of prescription sunglasses:

Facial Structure: To avoid uncertainty, designers of eyewear products have come up with styles for every face shape, that is:

  • Rimless or aviator style for heart-shaped face
  • A square-shaped face fits very well with rounded rectangles and, or oval sunglasses
  • Round face, attracts a rectangular frame and a distinct bridge
  • Trapezoidal face enhances cat eyes fit or half rim that goes a long way in balancing your jaw line
  • Oval face is ideal for butterfly shape and top- heavy framewor

100% UV Protections: The ultimate sunglasses will protect your eyes by blocking all the ultraviolet rays. Checking out for a tag or sticker affirming UV protection on a pair is recommended.

Color: It’s prudent to choose a color that complements the wearer’s features. Glasses that distinguish the tone of the wearer’s face and hair for example, would be an outstanding fashion statement.

Polarized Lenses: Even though polarized lenses do not block UV rays, they protect your eyes from glare. Reflective surfaces usually bring about glare that can cause discomfort. Polarized glasses can thus give you an enjoyable experience with less strain, especially if you are driving.

Cost:  A nice pair of sunglasses doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg. Eye specialists will tell you that inexpensive UV-blocking glasses are as useful as a pricey designer pair.

Size Matters: The bigger the surface area the sunglasses cover, the lesser the damage to the eyes.

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