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The visual acuity of an eagle’s eyes is often used as a standard for comparison when referring to great vision. In fact, this bird is so well-known for being able to perceive tiny things at great distances that it has been studied by NASA. The space agency used the results of its investigations to devise eyeglass lenses meant to help its astronauts see better in the harsh, glare-filled lighting conditions out in space.

Is it Really Possible to See Like an Eagle? One of the most notable inventions to arise from NASA’s studies on eagles is the polarized lens. These lenses don’t magnify your vision to an eagle’s level, but they do give you the eagle’s ability to cancel out glare from horizontal surfaces. They are very popular among lovers of the outdoors. Here, glare often reflects up from lake surfaces, snowy mountains, and other popular outdoor activity spots. With this glare blocked, wearers can see much better than would otherwise be possible.

How do Eagles and Polarized Lenses Cancel Glare? In eagles, the effect is caused by a special oil that is part of an eagle’s moisturizing tears. This constantly washes over the eye so the bird’s vision is unaffected by glare. Polarized lenses aren’t oiled. Instead, the correct properties have been adapted into a coating that is placed on the lens. This makes it possible for the glasses to work and be durable in real-world, human-use conditions.

Are Polarized Lenses Good for Your Eyes? Even though these lenses help you see better than regular ones, they alone do not help your eyes stay healthy. For glasses to do that, they must also block UV rays. To get this extra benefit, you’ll need to check the labels on polarized sunglasses to be sure that they have it.

Other Ways to Improve Your Vision. While anti-glare lenses are great for people with otherwise normal vision, they’re more of a stopgap measure if there is an underlying problem. We suggest coming to one of our locations for a consultation if you have developing cataracts, glaucoma, or other known eye conditions. You should also see one of our doctors if your vision or glare tolerance have deteriorated in a noticeable way. Never ignore eye problems under the assumption that they’re just normal parts of aging – many serious conditions can creep up over time, and to prevent or minimize permanent damage, they must be treated as soon as possible.

Here at Southwestern Eye Center, we will examine your eyes and determine the best course of action for any vision issues you may be facing.