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You’ve probably felt it before after a long day looking at your computer or spending too much time on Facebook – digital eye strain. However, did you know that your kids could be dealing with digital eye strain too?
Kids are using tablets, smartphones, computers, and other digital devices. In fact, they’re probably getting more digital device time than you are. All that computer usage at school along with hours of video games, surfing social media on smartphones, and watching television could be damaging the eyes of your children.

Eye Strain is Tough on Developing Eyes

Eye strain is bad for the eyes, but it’s particularly tough on the eyes of a child because they are still developing. When kids deal with eye strain, they may deal with symptoms like blurry vision, problems shifting their focus to items in the distance, eye fatigue, back and neck pain, headaches, and eye dryness.

Why are kids more likely to deal with digital eye strain? In many cases, kids often use an adult’s computer, which means they may be working at a workstation that isn’t well-suited for their size. Kids using an adult’s computer have a tough time getting the best viewing angle, which can result in eye strain.

Kids often make the mistake of holding their smartphone or tablet too close to their eyes. Doing this often can result in digital eye strain. To reduce strain on the eyes, a screen should be an arm’s length away from the eyes.

Children are more likely to deal with digital eye strain because they’re often unaware that they’re having problems. Kids may not realize how much time they spend looking at a screen, and they’re less likely to take breaks than adults. In many cases, children have vision problems that are uncorrected, which can also result in eye strain. Since children usually think that everyone sees the same way they do, their vision problems are often left undetected and untreated.

Preventing Digital Eye Strain in Kids

Since spending a lot of time looking at digital screens can be tough on a child’s eyes, it’s important to limit digital device time to prevent eye strain. Get kids outside regularly. They’re less likely to develop nearsightedness if they spend more time playing outside. When your kids do use digital devices, ensure they’re taking regular breaks. Every 20 minutes, teach your child to look away at their screen at something that’s about 20 feet away. This gives the eyes a break and reduces the risk of digital eye strain. Schedule Routine Eye Exams for Your Kids

It’s important to schedule routine eye exams for your kids to ensure their eyes are healthy and developing as they should. Regular eye care now can ensure your child has healthy vision for life.